Liv Browne has always been creative. In fact, her whole family is. Like seriously—just take a look at our logo for evidence of a talented brother. And she’s always loved making things. From her first company—a jewelry stand on the Jersey Shore (RIP Tiki Hut)—to creating custom, unique stationery to owning Halloween costumes year after year, Liv has always loved creating.

In all seriousness, Liv has a passion for designing things for people that are unique to them and really capture who they are.

While some may call her a hoarder, it’s more accurate to say Liv has always been fascinated by family heirlooms and the energy that comes through passing jewelry and other treasured objects over generations. When she combined that passion with her passion for creating unique, custom designs that capture who the owner really is, Golde was born.

Aesthetically, Liv is inspired by geometry, the asymmetry of nature, and architecture. Living in Manhattan how could you not be? In her designs she seeks to bring together the delicate, beautiful, and functional in fine jewelry that is truly wearable while making a statement.