All Golde New York jewelry is handmade and cast in solid gold, rose gold, and sterling silver. Jewelry made with solid precious metals stands the test of time and requires less upkeep than plated or vermeil jewelry.

What’s so great about solid gold?

Gold is not reactive to other metals, the elements, or the relentless march of time. This means that there is minimal fading and deterioration even long after you’ve passed it down.

So is rose gold real gold?

You bet it is. It’s gold mixed with copper to give it the rosy hue that makes us swoon.

How to care for gold & rose gold

To keep your solid gold pieces looking beautiful, clean them with a polishing cloth or soft toothbrush and warm water every once in a while. Your heirs will thank you for it.

So what about sterling silver?

What we love most about silver jewelry is that the more you wear it, the less care it requires. The oils in your skin help delay oxidation—yes, the same oils that make blotting papers a necessity will keep your jewelry looking fresh.

Now what’s the catch?

Sterling silver is sensitive to both water and oxygen, so it does require some upkeep. To prevent it from oxidizing, remove sterling silver jewelry before washing your hands, doing dishes or housework, showering, etc.

Storing your sterling silver jewelry pieces in their Golde New York pouches will help to prevent oxidation as well. And definitely don’t forget to polish it with a soft cloth on the reg.